5 Reasons You Need a Business Alarm System

If your business doesn’t have a lot of cash or inventory on hand you may be tempted to forgo a security system to save some money, but that isn’t a wise decision. In fact, there are many reasons why your business could benefit from a good security system. Let’s look at some of those reasons now.

5 Reasons to Get a Business Alarm System

Deter Break-Ins

By simply having an alarm system in place you are more likely to prevent a break-in from occurring. With a visible security system in your offices, burglars will likely see the cameras and alarms and move on to another office or building. Burglars want an easy target with minimal risk, and by having a well placed Maryland security system, you can stop them in their tracks before even entering your building.

Alert the Police

A good alarm system in Maryland also has the capabilities of automatically alerting police to a break-in, should you so choose. By having a system set up to do this you decrease the chances of any major losses, while also increasing the police’s chances of catching a criminal.

Lower Insurance Costs

Having a business alarm system set up at your office can potentially lower your yearly insurance costs. By having an alarm system set up, you not only deter break-ins but also alert the police in a timely manner, lowering the risk that a significant amount of property is lost.

Prevent Liability Claims

Apart from the security of your inventory, documents, or office financials, you can also help secure your company from liability lawsuits. Having well placed cameras on your property can help in the event of an injury of an employee or customer. Having a video record of an event can help insurance companies and lawyers determine who is to blame, and who is responsible for payout.

Put Clients at Ease

And finally, having a security system in place also helps put your clients at ease, because it makes your business look more professional. Clients can also know that their personal and financial information are under lock and key, giving them peace of mind.

If your small business doesn’t have any type of alarm system, or you are in the market to upgrade, give Marathon Technology Solutions a call today. Our team can help you determine what exactly your needs are, and help you pick the best security system to meet those needs. Call today for help with all of your Maryland business alarm system needs!