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IT Infrastructure


The demand for continuous, connected, and flexible wireless options has driven the markets technology. Dropping your connection in an certain area or weak signal is now unacceptable in our world of constant connectivity. Expanding your office footprint and need more coverage? Need to extend your network but the cost of a hard connection puts it out of the question? Whether it is an Indoor, outdoor, industrial, or point to point solution needed, we have the expertise in house to get you connected.

Network Switches:

Having a solid connection across the local area network starts with selecting a suitable network switch. Whether you require an enterprise grade managed platform, rugged hardened, or a small commercial solution, we can provide the right fit. Need to make sure you have the proper POE budget allotted? Want to make sure you aren’t creating any network bottlenecks that could cause issues? Lean on us to make sure that all your bases are covered when it comes to your datalink layer.

Sound Masking:

Privacy for phone conversations or meetings is very important in every office environment, sound masking has become an office space essential to reduce noise, ensure privacy, and increase productivity, Marathon’s in-house capabilities allow us to design, install and support a complete solution for any environment.

Cabinets & Cable Tray:

From simple post-frame racks to containment and enclosure systems, Marathon can provide a solution that best fits our clients requirements for today and the future. As building infrastructure functions consolidate back to the same network, we are able to scale your hardware real estate accordingly.

Rack & Stack:

Conserve your IT departments resources and rely on Marathon for your rack and stack needs. Our knowledgeable team can design your rack layout, mount and connect all hardware, and power up your equipment accordingly.

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