Video Surveillance

A quality network video system is the core of a true security platform. Video Management Systems (VMS) provide users with visual confirmation to validate an incident, review previous events, and analyze business processes. No matter whether you need a new system or have a legacy analog system, we can provide a plan to get you the coverage that you need.

VMS platforms have become very intuitive and user friendly to reduce response times and operator fatigue. Whether it’s a small system to monitor a remote site or an enterprise campus deployment, we offer systems that will cover all the bases.

Access Control

Take control of who has access to your facility and be confident that you are meeting security and regulation guidelines. Employees, visitors, and contractors all need different levels of access to your facility. Easily manage who has access to what areas of the facility. Using current credential technologies, we can ensure that your system won’t be compromised like systems using outdated communication methods.

Leveraging system reports can give you great insights to how people flow through a facility. The ability to control access to a facility or area within seconds has never been easier with built in lockdown functionalities.

Visitor Management

Whether you are just ready to upgrade from the paper log sheets or you have a need to scan all visitors for potential threats, a visitor management system can provide you with intuitive information regarding how your lobby operates and who is visiting your facility. Visitor management is evolving into identity and operational management as well.

Whether you are managing access right across multiple facilities, or you need to let an employee know their package arrived, we can put the systems in place to make sure you know who or what is in and out of your facility every day.


It is clear that today’s technologies are moving to cloud based subscription solutions. Current video compression methods are continually improving which makes the move to server-less systems more attainable. Software as a service (SaaS) is becoming more and more appealing to users due to the low maintenance and confidence that everything is up to date and optimized. Does funding your security needs with OPEX funds seem to be a good fit for you? Maybe a subscription based platform would be the right choice for you.

Intrusion Detection

Having an immediate alarm when a perimeter is breached is critical to organizing a timely response. Whether you need panic alarms or a traditional intrusion detection system, we can install a system that will be easy to use and accurate when it counts.

Intrusion devices can be used to trigger other events and alarms in your security system to provide video surveillance or other information to the responders.

Cyber Security

No business or individual is safe from the vulnerabilities that we are introduced to in this world of constant connectivity. We take the monitoring of our customers networks and systems very seriously.

Blackpoint Cyber’s managed detection and response platform ensures that your systems are protected from real-time threats, malware, and ransomware. All of our systems are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure the security of your security.

Mass Notification

In today’s world, the need for Mass Notification is more important than ever. The need to alert a small office up to an entire campus of a possible emergency within seconds could prove to be a life saver. Mass Notification systems are commonly deployed in various settings including schools, office buildings, and medical facilities. They can be used for anything from school class bells to mass announcements and emergency lockdowns. Marathon knows the questions to ask when designing and implementing a system to protect you, your staff, and your students in times of need. 

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