5 Technology Upgrades for a Modern Boardroom

Is your boardroom impressive enough? We’re not here to say looks are everything, but if you’re still wheeling in a TV with a VHS tape player, or have a mounted TV with wires strewn all about, it’s time to consider updating and upgrading.

After all, the meetings which occur in your boardroom commonly involve important clients or stakeholders. There are many boardroom technology solutions you can incorporate into your boardroom to help make your presentations go seamlessly and make the room itself a bit more impressive.

Here are the top 5 technology upgrades to bring your boardroom into the modern age:

Interactive Whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard can be a great addition to your boardroom. These futuristic pieces of technology allow you to take notes which are then transferred to a computer for easy access. In addition an interactive whiteboard can display business data and presentations with ease and allow for adjustments to be made and notes to be taken.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has become an important part of business and board meetings. This means having a quality video conferencing system is essential to a successful meeting. Nothing is more frustrating than a video call losing video or audio mid meeting. A properly-wired and quality video conferencing system can save you frustrations in the long run.

AV Lighting Controls

Having control over the rooms lighting at the touch of a button can come in handy if you plan to have presentations with dimmed lighting frequently. Without getting up and interrupting the meeting you’ll be able to raise and lower the lighting when needed all from the touch of a button.

Power Blinds

Similar to the lighting controls, having power blinds in your boardroom can help you raise and lower the lighting for presentations easily and quickly. In some cases you may want the blinds closed for privacy, and power blinds can also give you that privacy without the hassle of raising and lowering traditional blinds.


Having a quality projector in your boardroom can be a great addition, especially if you often have video presentations, or work with media in any way. By installing a high end projector you can be sure your presentations look crisp and clear. Additionally, projectors can be wired to coordinate with your other AV solutions and incorporated with your wireless controls.

Having a well equipped boardroom can not only make your meetings go smoother, but can also impress those you are meeting with. Having your technology solutions properly wired can help make transitions as seamless as possible. For your boardroom technology solutions and wiring needs get in touch with Marathon Technology today. We’d love to help you outfit your boardroom with everything you need in terms of your boardroom technology solutions!