Data Center Storage Requires Infrastructure

As business grows and expands your data center will need to expand and grow as well. Expanding your data center can be a challenge when space and resources are limited, but with careful additions and rewiring, it can be done. Let’s look at how you can increase your data storage by adding infrastructure to your data center.

Added Servers

In a data center data is stored and processed on servers that hold information. As data increases, these servers become full and thus, more servers will need to be added. Adding servers takes up more physical space, so if your server room is full, you may have to consider adding to your physical footprint. But if you do have space available, servers can be added without significant trouble.

Expanding your data center can be a little bit more complicated than simply adding more servers. Because more servers will produce more heat, you’ll also need to consider adding additional fans so that your data center doesn’t overheat. In addition, you’ll need to ensure your wiring is able to handle the increased load.


Once the servers are added however, electrical wires will likely need to be rerun so there isn’t too heavy of a load on one power source. Depending on your current data center this may be a more difficult task. Losing power to your data center can have a detrimental effect on your business so it is essential to have enough power to run all of the servers at all times.

In addition to rerunning things so that there is adequate power to the data center, it is also important to have wires rerun so that everything is organized and easily accessible. When wires aren’t organized efficently, it can be very difficult to access servers and fix problems should they arise.

Expand Your Infrastructure with Marathon Technology Solutions, Inc.

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