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Structured Cabling


Nobody likes slow service. If you are looking to speed up service, consider either a new system or revamping your current system. As a Maryland structured cabling company, Marathon can help your businesses increase reliability and speed by ensuring the entire system works at the highest levels of efficiency. We have the experience and attention for detail necessary to install, maintain, and repair even the most advanced Maryland structured cabling systems.

Comprehensive Structured Cabling Solutions

We’ve spent years in the structured cabling industry honing our skills and learning new ones. As technology grows, we’ve made it a point to be at the forefront of that growth. This means we have the ability to deliver the highest quality in structured cabling solutions in Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia. Some of our most common structured cabling services include:

Maryland Structured Cabling Company

A Consultative Approach

No two businesses are alike. A call center will have different structured cabling needs than a large accounting firm. Your business needs are not cookie cutter, and as such you want to find and partner with a DC structured cabling contractor who listens to your needs. Here at Marathon, we make it a point to really understand your needs and develop a customized structured cabling solution which meets or exceeds those needs.

Family-Oriented Business Partner

We make it a priority to ensure our employees are happy with the work they do. We believe happy employees lead to better work and an overall win-win for everyone. As such, Our employees are well trained and highly rewarded for the quality work they do.