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Executive Vice President

I recently had the opportunity to work with Marathon Technology Solutions on a project at our medical cannabis dispensary in Maryland.  The cannabis industry is heavily regulated presenting a lot of challenges from a security and technical standpoint.  The original project was to upgrade a portion of our camera system.  There were some technical issues with the old hardware communicating with the new system.  This became especially tricky to navigate, because the old system was needing to stay operational while trying to troubleshoot the problem that was occurring.  Marathon’s technicians were able to identify the problems, and Marathon went above and beyond the original scope of work in order to find a solution for us while maintaining compliance.  The customer service, communication, and problem solving was very appreciated, and I have had the pleasure of working with them on a couple other projects since.  Once again, the communication and customer service has been top notch, and I would recommend their services in this or any heavily regulated industry.