Why a Neat Server Room is Important

Is your server room messy? If you work in an industry that requires servers to be located at your office, it’s important to keep it neat and organized. An unorganized server room can spell disaster for your business—you need to correct the problem quickly.

Let’s have a look at why it is so important to keep your server room in order.


Having a well organized and clean server room is important because it helps your servers run optimally. Dust and dirt can interfere with a server’s functionality leaving you with a big mess to clean up. Likewise, dust and dirt can prevent your servers from cooling as they should, leading to overheating and major problems.

How to Keep a Server Room Clean

By keeping your server room dust and dirt free, you can extend the life of your servers and prevent any major issues. To keep your server room clean, it’s best to first ensure the server room doesn’t act as a default storage room. Now, we know this won’t happen, so if you are going to store stuff alongside your server be sure to use correct shelving.

Additionally, it’s a good suggestion to hire someone to clean your office space if you don’t have the time for regular dusting and vacuuming.


Organization is another major part of maintaining a tidy server room. Wires everywhere along with stacked and crowded equipment can lead to disaster. Not only can crowded equipment lead to overheating, locating and fixing a problem can be near impossible when the room is disorganized and over crowded.

How to Keep a Server Room Organized

Your best bet to organizing a server room is to hire a local Maryland structured cabling company. These companies specialize in creating neat, structured server rooms. When a server room is organized professionally, cables will be cut to fit and color organized.


In addition to cleanliness and organization, having a neatly organized server room can prevent office accidents. Overheating servers and tangled wires are a recipe for office fires, and piles of equipment can make a quick exit difficult in the case of an emergency. Likewise, stacks of equipment aren’t safe as they could easily fall and injure an employee or cause someone to trip.

How to Keep a Server Room Safe

The key to a safe server room is effectively keeping the room neat and organized. In addition, safety systems such as fire detectors, coolant systems, and emergency shut-off fail safes will help to improve overall safety. These types of features are best installed at the recommendation of an experienced structured cabling contractor in Maryland.

If your business’ server room looks like it belongs in a horror movie, give Marathon Technology Solutions a call today. Our team is experienced in organizing and maintaining neat and tidy server rooms. Keeping an organized server room can help you increase productivity and minimize the risk of major technological issues related to your servers.

To talk with a member of our team about how we can help with all of your Maryland structured cabling needs, give us a call today!