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How Can Your Company Benefit from Video Surveillance?

August 01, 2018

Keeping your company’s data safe is increasingly important in an era when data breaches are so common. Video surveillance is a great way to keep your most valuable information safe. It allows you to record and monitor every person who comes in and out of your business so that if something goes missing or is…

Unique Access Control Options for Your Business

July 03, 2018

Access control is an essential part of security for your business. It helps protect your assets, employees, and clients from theft, which can prove disastrous. Today we’re going to be talking about access control in its many forms and why you need to invest in the proper solutions. Let’s take a look. What is Access…

5 Reasons You Need a Business Alarm System

May 22, 2018

If your business doesn’t have a lot of cash or inventory on hand you may be tempted to forgo a security system to save some money, but that isn’t a wise decision. In fact, there are many reasons why your business could benefit from a good security system. Let’s look at some of those reasons…